Revolution De Cuba – Aberdeen

Ever since I watched “Chef” Cuban food has been sitting at the back of my brain niggling away hoping for someone to open a Cuban Cantina in Aberdeen and hey presto ! the chain Revolution De Cuba opened their restaurant in the Academy shopping centre.16129507_1303182456422619_1825423210_o

We were greeted by Dory who was our server for lunch, very professional but casual which is a mirror image of the decor, the restaurant feels like a cross between the stereotypical image of Cuba ( cigar boxes, reclaimed wood, multicoloured tile, rum aplenty and vibrant colouring.) and a modern bistro.

The menu is a  welcome change from your regular restaurant, it’s a very compact one pager but it ticks all the boxes there is meat, fish, big dishes and small dishes, but most importantly its available on their website!


We began with the “starter” nachos which to be honest were colossal! there was a massive bonus to these as the chef has clearly eaten nachos in any number of places that suck at making nachos but not here… the nachos has been plated up in layers…this is an amazing feat! no disappointing dry chips at the bottom of the bowl! and the addition of the redneck caviar (sweetcorn bits) gave it a satisfying crunch and added depth to the cheesy nachos. Well done sir/madam.16121951_1303182413089290_1871020301_o

There was a slightly larger than normal wait for the mains which considering the size of the starter but it was worth it! to start with I ordered the Cubano Cuban sandwich which is the magical combination of slightly citrus pork, sharp cutting mustard, crunchy and sweet pickles, lovely quality ham and soft spongy bread that soaks up the good juices. We also ordered one of their marinated chicken burritos which was a pretty good plain rice, nice salsa guac on the side to save a soggy burrito great work.


All in all, I would say this place is bloody good, well priced and I know I didn’t mention it but an amazing list of cocktails !!!!


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