Pizza Dough Conspiracy ! + pizza history

People think making pizzas at home is too hard or impractical as you need a big hot oven and the dough is hard to make…WRONG. Pizzas, as with all tasty food, is the food of the poor. A rough history tells you that the style of pizza we come to love (sauce and cheese) originated form the bay of Naples (there are versions spread all … Continue reading Pizza Dough Conspiracy ! + pizza history

Chicken Teryaki – Speedymeal

Short on time. Hard winds. Rain and potentially snow. This leads to comfort food. Chicken Teryaki, the sticky, sweet, sharp and tasty Asian treat that at its core is mostly sugar, soy and mirin. Its a staple of Asian restaurants and if you’ve ever eaten it you understand its simplicity and depth. Accompanied by a standard boiled rice tossed in a wok with some spring … Continue reading Chicken Teryaki – Speedymeal